LONO is a 2.5D sidescrolling game created with my partner Jei, for our Final Year Project at Uni.

My role was Technical Director but as there were only 2 of us, we shared jobs in all areas and both had our own levels to make. The main things I was responsible for was the scripting and in-game mechanics, the main 3D character, the start level, training level, underground level, HUD, shaders & post-processing.

Before this project, neither of us had any experience with creating our own game and as we weren't taught much in class about making an actual "playable" game, we had to learn everything ourselves so didn't get to completely show and polish our ideas but we wanted to prove we could make something decent, so we still managed to have a working pre-alpha demo which was playable on PC, including 5 short levels, title screen, menu & options and Xbox 360 controller support.

During this project, I learnt so much about games development in general and it has given me the highly driven attitude I have now to go and create even more games and content.

Below is a bit of my side of the development [beta/pre-vis video is a mix of our work]...