July Update - My Future & A Big Dump

HEY! Sorry for lack of updates (again) lol. I am so bad at this but hope you enjoy the mini update where I bring you a few new screenshots and some very good news!!!


To start with, here is a screenshot of a model I am working on...

It is Fanart of @DanielRoot's amazing character "Niko" from his game Halcyon Plume! I highly recommend checking out their stuff as they have a fantastic style! 

Below is an alternative render, can't wait to finish the model and get started with texturing, hopefully will be able to put it up on Sketchfab sometime soon!

Using the same shader I made, I applied it to an old model to see how it could look. Pretty cool huh xD

Alongside those tests, I made this lil' animation series featuring Voxel cubes. Even though I really enjoy the style I just haven't really had a chance to play around with it and I thought it was about time.

Recently I discovered this gem called Babylon.JS which lets you create games/apps for the web so I thought it would be neat to try to export my Blender scene to it. Below are some funky import glitches that I thought were pretty interesting. 

Success! It was a bit of a struggle at first but I am getting the hang of it. But how did I hear about this tool in the first place? Well... That leads me to some big news....



*Okay, I am not going to be earning a million dollars by playing Street Fighter at a low level lol but honestly, for my situation right now, this job offer seems amazing and the people I have met so far seem awesome so I am really excited for the future.

I start my 1 month trial next week but if it all goes well, it will be a permanent position! I plan on creating another blog post that goes into detail about what the job is and why I turned down other offers before and why the timing is important to me etc.. but that's if I make it through the month haha :) What I can say is, they are using Babylon.JS to create something wonderful, which is why I have been experimenting and trying to get up to date with it.

As a mini celebration, I am releasing a big old art dump of my experiments from the past 2 years or so, both good and bad. I ran a poll on twitter and some people really seemed to want to see the bad stuff as well, which is why it was included but I will probably make categories etc.. in the future. Enjoy!

I hope to give you some more good news next time! Take care!