Featured on BlenderNation

Hey everyone, hope you are well and keeping your gamedev demons in check!

Some eagle-eyed followers may have noticed I made an Artstation page the other day. I've seen so many awesome artworks on there over the years and just thought it was about time to make one myself as I begin to expand my portfolio.

Anyway, that's not the big news! nope. The big news is that... I got featured on BlenderNation! Woiiiiiiii.

Apparently one of the editors found my Artstation page and liked my work enough to write an article about it!

It may not seem much to most but it's a pretty popular Blender themed site and I was really happy to find out! I have been featured before on a few sites but never been presented with an actual article so it feels like a milestone for me and a belief that I am headed in the right direction :)

You can see what they wrote here https://www.blendernation.com/2017/05/12/low-poly-art-chung-sung-lau/