Updated Logo + More LP_Dailies

Yo! As promised, here is another new blog entry and it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet :D

So, I am not sure if I mentioned this before but I made my logo a couple years ago on my phone/tablet lol. At the time I was so amazed at all the stuff you could do on mobile (still am tbh) and as I was/am bad at drawing, vector art was something that really interested me. When I found this free app called Simplector on Android, I used it a lot for making basic game sprites and eventually my logo. It was all for practice but I ended up quite liking my logo and stuck with it. Fast forward to today and well... I still kind of like it haha :P You can see the small changes I've made recently here..

The reason for the change was actually completely by coincidence. I was trying to create my logo in Blender, but when I was following the design, it just looked super odd. Looking at it in 3D was bugging me out and I knew I had to do something, so I changed up the shape and then transferred that detail onto the 2D design.

I know it is not a great logo by any means and eventually I'll make a proper one with a completely different design but it's all I need for the time being and I feel now with the small changes I have made, there is a big difference and I am a lot happier with the result.


In other news, I didn't get to do many dailies this week but I did make these two renders.

5th Entry For Lowpoly_Dailies - "Teddy Bear" https://twitter.com/MadeByJawns/status/853691782001045504

Soon as I heard the theme I had a pretty good idea of where to take it. I wanted to have what looked like an abandoned teddy left somewhere which would create a sad undertone but also fill the image with signs of hope and knowing that they were loved. You don't know the reason they were left there, perhaps the person is coming back or they placed them there not wanting to part ways and kept them safe from the rain at their own expense. The necklace light also acts like a signal beacon for the inanimate teddy with an ironic smile, just waiting to be reunited or found by someone else. I don't feel I captured exactly what I wanted, the lighting gave me a bit of trouble as this was one of the first times I have used the Cycles renderer in Blender but I am pretty happy with the concept and what I did in the time.

6th Entry For Lowpoly_Dailies - "Bunny" https://twitter.com/MadeByJawns/status/854035285742637056

Should of seen this theme coming as it was around Easter lol but I really did not know what to make this time round. At first I started messing around with creating some small bunnies and eggs but it didn't look quite right in the style I was going for. Then I googled for some anthropomorphic bunny designs and the ideas started flowing. I decided to make a character busk as I spent most of my time redesigning and tying to recreate the low poly and stylised feel in Blender Cycles which I feel I am slowly getting the hang of now.


Thanks for reading and see ya next time! :)