Dang, almost been a year! pt. 2


This year I also released my first asset pack hosted over at itch.io, a great site for gamedevs, artists and content creators. This pack named "Faceted // Low Poly Plants" I released for free, including all the blender source files and an extra scene setup already in Unity. madebyjawns.itch.io/plantpack1

I made it mainly because I wanted to test the market and also the itch.io audience. Turns out, even though it's a relatively popular pack for the site, peaking at top 10 tagged in 3D and top 5 tagged in Lowpoly, it's currently sitting at just over 100 downloads and around 800 views, which is not a very big amount even though I was estimating lower for this particular pack.

What was also quite interesting to learn was that I didn't receive any donations, whereas similar packs both in theme and quality (imo), priced at $1 or more, shared the same or similar amount of views/downloads, meaning I possibly could of got a few sales if I didn't put it for free.

All in all though, it was a great learning experience and I reckon my next pack will be a premium one but also include much more assets, even if individual quality lowers as most people who purchase these kind of packs from the site, seem to be very new to 3D/dev and would rather have more assets to play with.

To be continued...