Blender Engine Experiments!

So over the past few days, I have been doing a bunch of concept art for my new (secret) project. Attached below is a very quick render I made in Blender. The thing is, after this particular scene was done, I just had a weird feeling...

The feeling was that, nothing in the scene is particularly render specific, there is nothing fancy going on, so wouldn't it be cool to see it in realtime and even be able to walk around? So I began fiddling around with Blender's own game engine and here are the results!

Being able to literally just press a button and drop into the scene you just made was amazing. I just caught that feeling again, of when I made my first 3d game mod and was just excited to make more stuff, so the next day I messed around even more and made this..

But the feeling lingered... what to do? well I went one further and made an actual simple flappy bird esque game lol!

All this was done without following tutorials, just messing around with all the logic blocks and occasionally looking up stuff on google. I was very surprised at how easy it was to use the engine, though I guess my background with other engines certainly helped and I can see new people being a bit lost.

Anyway... while having a bunch of fun, I soon came to a roadblock.. I wanted to export my creation and found out there is no Android support! this, along with a couple of other things I googled, I realized this was gunna be a very short affair with Blender game engine, however, I really enjoyed it and I have that extra bit of desire and passion to do a 3D game again but we'll see! Thanks for reading and see you next time :)