UE4 - I Am Home Again

So I havn't used Unreal since making Lono back at uni, like 3 years ago! and after playing around with so many different engines over these years, I decided it was time I checked out UE4.

Originally my plan was to just try to and make a single low poly illustration in the same style as my previous blender renders, which I did and feel it came out not bad for first attempt...

But as usual, whenever I start something new, my brain goes a bit wild and I end up throwing a bunch of ideas together, mainly of things I don't know, so that I can learn at a faster rate. This resulted in me modeling the rest of the island and also making various effects.

So this piece is now officially my "Hello world" piece in UE4. I think I will continue adding to it, with anything new I need to learn for my future projects. So far it has been very fun and I can't wait to play around more!