So over the weekend, I took part in my first ever Game Jam over at the GMC (GameMaker Community) Forums!

We had Fri-Sunday to make a game with the theme of "Day and Night" or "Sacrifice" and the handicap theme of "Humour" for extra points. As my first jam, I went all in and tried to implement all themes... what a mistake!

In the end, I just couldn't manage to finish everything I wanted but I had all the base mechanics down and I was pretty happy with my ideas just that they just weren't polished or finalized.

Overall though, aside from the stress (of disappointment mainly) I really enjoyed myself and learnt a few things along the way. Altogether there were 41 entries including mine and voting has just started, so fingers crossed I can get a decent placing. I will be happy finishing anywhere in the top half as there were really some great games!

Here is the story/gameplay and a few GIFS from the game..

A King's Atonement: You play as a selfish/douchebag King whose castle blows up one day (inside mutiny) and he is thrown out to the wilderness. During the day time you go around the map to find your old minions/followers, when it hits midnight, every minion you didn't get to in time, turns into a zombie who will try to kill you. These zombies are dubbed as the "real kings" which is why they have crowns and you aren't wearing yours, real kings because, they were good people who made a difference, rather than the scumbag king that you were/are. Your goal is to get to the Temple o Sacrifice with as many of your minions as possible but sometimes you may need to sacrifice them to save yourself. If you get there in time and with enough followers, *fake cutscene that didn't make the game, the king looks back at his tough journey and realises how cruel he has been to his peoples and sacrifices himself to save the remaining minions* atoning for his sins, he is reborn again the next day!