Hey, my name is Chung-Sung, also known as Jawns and I am a 3D Artist / GameDev.

In 2013, I graduated in 3D Games Art but I realized it wasn't the right path for me. There were so many awesome games companies but living in London, I couldn't really find anyone creating the type of art I aspired to learn about. I felt a bit lost and without a goal, so I took a year out to figure out what to do.

Then I discovered the world of Indie and it blew my mind. I saw so many interesting projects and it just sparked something, gave me a new way of thinking and opened up an alternative path to fulfil my dreams.

Since then, I have been working odd jobs/freelancing to support my own art and prototypes, so that one day, I'll be good enough to show what goes on in my mind and create products that bring the polish/execution of mainstream studios, mixed with the creativity and freedom of Indie. I have a long way to go but I am constantly improving so I am confident in reaching my dreams. I hope to show the world soon.